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Hands of Fame Park

May 2

About Hands of Fame Park

Established in Tamworth in 1977, the Country Music Hands of Fame remains a cherished tribute to the talented individuals who have made a significant impact on Australian country music. The prestigious accolade pays homage to those who contributed immensely to the genre, becoming shining beacons for aspiring musicians nationwide. The Hands of Fame is a lasting testament to their incredible achievements and remarkable careers. Over the years, the ceremony has attracted some of the biggest names in Australian country music, cementing its place as a significant cultural event in the nation's music calendar. As we remember and celebrate these remarkable individuals, we recognize their enduring legacy and impact on the country music landscape.

The Hall of Fame, on behalf of Tamworth Regional Council, is responsible for determining the inductees to the prestigious honor. This year, as in previous years, the induction ceremony will be held during the Tamworth Country Music Festival (TCMF) on the Saturday morning directly following the cavalcade. The entire community comes together to celebrate the best and brightest in the industry as they are recognized for their contributions to country music. The Hall of Fame takes their responsibility seriously, considering each potential inductee carefully to ensure that the highest standards of excellence are upheld.

Hands of Fame Park

What to do at Hands of Fame Park

Tamworth, Australia, is often associated with country music, and the Country Music Hands of Fame Cornerstone is a testament to that association. Located at the corner of Kable Avenue and Brisbane Street, the Cornerstone offers visitors and locals alike a free experience accessible all year round. Cornerstone has become one of Tamworth's most beloved landmarks. Visitors can view the handprints of some of the most famous Australian country music personalities, including Troy Cassar-Daley, Adam Brand, and Beccy Cole. The Cornerstone embodies Australia's love of country music and the country's way of life.

The Country Music Hands of Fame is a treasured institution in the Australian music industry. The Hands of Fame pays tribute to the artists who have left their mark on the country music scene. These hands, immortalized in bronze, serve as a reminder of the talent, dedication, and hard work required to make a name for oneself in this competitive genre. Each year, the Country Music Hands of Fame honours new inductees, ensuring that the legacy of Australian country music lives on for generations to come. The Hands of Fame serves as a fitting tribute to the individuals who have paved the way for the next generation of country artists, and, as such, it remains an essential part of the Australian music scene.

Hands of Fame Park

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