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Flagstaff Point Lighthouse

Oct 16

About Flagstaff Point Lighthouse 

If you're exploring the eastern coast of Australia, make sure to stop by Wollongong Harbour. Here, you'll find not one but two lighthouses located on Flagstaff Point. The newer of the two, the Wollongong Head lighthouse, is essential for guiding vessels into Port Kembla. It's hard to believe that this impressive structure was completed in 1936, making it the first lighthouse built in New South Wales in over 30 years. The tower is made of reinforced concrete and replaced several earlier lights. With such a fascinating history and impressive construction, it's no wonder that Wollongong Harbour is a must-see spot for anyone travelling along the coast.

Flagstaff Point is a coastal beauty nestled in the heart of New South Wales, Australia. After years of being a mere sightseeing spot, this point was transformed into a lighthouse to guide ships entering Port Kembla from the south. Before its construction, the only aid for ships was the old Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse situated on the Belmore Basin to the north. However, it was discontinued in 1974, leaving the southbound ships in dire need of guidance. The Flagstaff Point lighthouse was the much-needed ray of hope for the seafarers, ensuring safe passage for years to come. The majestic tower now stands tall and proud, guarding the south coast of New South Wales.

Flagstaff Point Lighthouse

What to do at Flagstaff Point Lighthouse 

As you sit atop Flagstaff Point Lighthouse, gazing out at the sparkling waters of Wollongong Harbour, it's easy to see why this spot has become such a beloved picnic destination. The lighthouse itself stands tall and proud, a towering beacon of reinforced concrete that guides passing ships safely to shore. But the real highlight is the stunning view that stretches out before you: sweeping vistas of the pristine beach below and the deep blue expanse of the ocean beyond. Whether you're here for a romantic picnic for two or a family outing with the kids, this is the perfect spot to soak up the sun, breathe in the salty sea air, and make some unforgettable memories.

The charming coastal town of Wollongong is nestled 85 km south of the bustling city of Sydney. Its harbour remains an essential part of the town, not only as a commercial port for fishing but also as a popular location among locals. The inner harbour, which boasts a rectangular shape, is protected by a sturdy sea wall and a rocky breakwater. Interestingly, the town’s lighthouse continues to enchant visitors with its picturesque views despite its rocky location. The lighthouse has a rich history dating back to 1868, when convict labour was used to excavate the northern side of the rocky headland, eventually leading to the development of Port Kembla Harbour.

Flastaff point Lighthouse

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