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Alexandra Fountain

Jul 18

About Alexandra Fountain

The fountain was designed by William Vahland, a local architect responsible for some of the city's most prominent buildings. The fountain was named in honour of Alexandra, Princess of Wales. Her sons Prince Albert and Prince George attended its grand opening on 5 July 1881. Besides the Exhibition Fountain, built in 1880 and located in Melbourne's Carlton Gardens, the Alexandra Fountain is Victoria's largest and most ornate municipal fountain. The fountain stands 28 feet high and sits in a 50 feet diameter circular pool that is 2 feet deep.

Discover the captivating Alexandra Fountain, an iconic masterpiece in the heart of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Embodying the essence of the vibrant Charing Cross area, this enchanting landmark stands tall, overlooking the bustling intersection of View Street and Pall Mall. With deep connections to the local history, the fountain's existence is owed to the success of the Bendigo Juvenile Industrial Exhibition, the generosity of philanthropist George Lansell, and the support of the Sandhurst City Council. Admire the stunning fountain as it graces the entrance of the picturesque Rosalind Park, beckoning all to uncover the treasures it holds.


What to do at Alexandra Fountain

Experience the mystifying presence of Alexandra Fountain! You'll never forget this charming landmark located just a short walk from Elvis festival grounds. Spend an afternoon marvelling at its captivating beauty and get your camera ready for some iconic snaps in Rosalind Park, conveniently opposite the fountain.

Discover the enchanting Alexandra Fountain, a magnificent Victorian-era masterpiece adorned with regal lion head spouts, elegant allegorical female statues, and whimsical bronzed mer-horses and dolphins. A plethora of seashells, dolphin, and trident medallions embellish the exquisite structure. The lavish pool is encircled by an intricate cast-iron fence and illuminated by four majestic cast-iron lamps. This splendid creation not only encapsulates the essence of Victorian charm but also serves as a remarkable tribute to the prosperity of the goldfields and the flourishing Bendigo region.

Alexandra fountain

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