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Fairymead House Sugar Museum

Jun 26

About Fairymead House Sugar Museum

Step back in time and explore the grand history of Fairymead House, a heritage-listed homestead established by John Shedden Adam. Built in 1890, this captivating destination boasts one of Queensland's most remarkable Sugar Museums, sure to fascinate visitors from near and far. Discover your inner historian as you revel in what is said to be Bundaberg Region's very own architectural masterpiece - listed on the Queensland Heritage Register since 2002!

Step back in time and be mesmerized by the grandeur of Fairymead House, built in 1890. Overlooking Bundaberg Botanic Gardens, this Indian bungalow architecture is an iconic representation of a forgotten era that lives on through its Sugar History Museum. Learn about the development of the local sugar industry from the early days to now at this heritage-listed venue, available for hire as a wedding/function/conference space!

Sugar museum

What to do at Fairymead House Sugar Museum

Step back in time at Fairymead House Sugar Museum and explore an authentic Indian bungalow plantation house. Get a glimpse into the fascinating lives of sugar pioneer families from Bundaberg, learn about the significant contribution made by South Sea Islanders to Queensland's cane industry, and discover how crystal wouldn't be possible without this sweet commodity! Make history come alive with your visit - who knew learning could be so delicious?

Fairymead House Sugar Museum is a stunning plantation house set amongst the lush tropical surroundings of the Botanic Gardens. Perfect for any special occasion requiring an exclusive and unique venue, this majestic location has space to accommodate up to 60 guests. Capture beautiful wedding photos in these idyllic surroundings; contact their friendly staff today for availability and pricing information!


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