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Best Windows for Blocking Sound

Feb 14

Some things to consider when choosing replacement windows for your home include energy efficiency, aesthetics and ease of use. In case you live near a busy intersection or your neighbors have noisy kids, you might be interested in blocking sound transfer through the glass. Choose the best noise-insulating windows.

Qualities of Sound Blocking Windows

Some windows are better at soundproofing than others.

Sound passes through thicker windows because of the larger mass. Panes should be one half inch thick.

A simple single window does not significantly reduce heat and noise. It is recommended to use double pane or triple pane windows to reduce heat and noise. When it comes to soundproofing, you should look for windows with over an inch of thickness.

When the distance between window panes is increased, sound transfer is reduced. Window inserts can be installed behind the window. Noise transfer may be affected by the dead space between the panes depending on the size of the window and the type of noise that comes from outside.

A sound-blocking window with this characteristic is called laminated glass, which is composed of strengthened glass and a thin plastic layer. A laminated glass window's primary function is to enhance home security, but plastic coated windows can also reduce outdoor noise.

How to Make Your Windows Soundproof

You can improve the soundproof qualities of your house even further if you replace your windows with versions designed to keep the noise out.

The sound can travel through the gaps in the window frames. Adding weatherstripping to components is part of this.

Take a look at your siding. Wood and vinyl do not block sound as well as stone and brick. It's a good idea to insulate the walls. Improving exterior wall insulation can help keep noise out of your home.

An effective way to drown out outside noise is to use a white noise machine. Even better if you are disturbed by traffic and train horns.

It is deadened by thick curtains that allow the sound to pass through the glass.

Soft textiles absorb sound instead of bouncing it around the room.

EZ Window Solutions can help you soundproof your home with noise blocking windows. We offer a non proprietary supply of high end windows from today's most trusted manufacturers to ensure we meet your needs. We can help you pick a cost effective, long term window upgrade.

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