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How Technology Has Changed Our Way Of Asphalt Paving

Jan 29

How Technology Has Changed Our Way Of Asphalt Paving

The advancement of technology is an important part of our everyday lives. All of us use technology in our daily lives, whether it's phones or televisions.

It's likely that you don't realize the importance of new technology in asphalt paving. The latest tablet may get you excited, but what about the new grading and slope technology? Asphalt mixes?

Below is our infographic that highlights both old and new methods for asphalt pavement installation in Las Vegas. You might be surprised at all of the amazing new paving technologies that our asphalt contractors at The Paving Crew can use.

Site Preparation

For asphalt installation, you will need to assess and determine the heights of the soil.

Older: Contractors had to view a transit or site glass in order for them to determine the grade. The contractor would use a plumb bob and look through the transit to find the target. It was usually a small scope called a link error.

This laser-guided transit allows for paving teams to read heights from far distances using laser technology. Contractors can capture elevations or grades to better determine a drainage plan. The Paving Crew LV is able to accurately and efficiently determine slope to ensure site drainage.

Removing and Tearing Off

For an asphalt installation project to be successful, it is crucial that all concrete and asphalt are removed completely.

Outdated This was a walk-behind, 14-inch-long diamond blade used historically to saw cut the old surface and permit for removal.

Introducing A new hydraulic technology called the Road Hog allows Paving professionals to create 2-inch trenches in old pavements quickly. This improves the removal process and saves money. This technology allows The Paving CrewLV to reduce costs and perform more efficiently at the job site.

Slope Controls & Automatic Grading:

The laser-guided transportation program gives you a clean slate from which to start your project.

Outdated Traditional Graders or compactors didn't have an automatic grading setting that could test slope and grade for drainage.

Latest: All new machinery, such as a motor grader or motor grader, has automatic grade and slope controls. These controls allow paving professionals to adhere to a grading grid. The automatic grader blade follows specific percentages to ensure proper drainage and grade. The Paving Crew LV uses this technology to make sure asphalt surfaces don't suffer from poor drainage or water run-off.

Sub-Base Evaluation:

Before asphalt pavement is laid, it is important to first test the subbase. It must be able to provide a stable support structure with integrity.

Invalid: Before paving can commence, a subbase must be laid. It is impossible to verify that the sub-surface support asphalt and traffic without proper testing. A small amount of an unstable sub-base can cause severe problems for asphalt and result in costly repairs.

To ensure sub-base durability, a proof rolling and nuclear density test is the best option. A proof roll involves placing a 72,000-pound fully loaded quad axel truck on the entire surface. This will allow you to see areas where the subbase is stretching more than 1" below the surface. Nuclear density compaction is used to determine the material's density. The ideal density/compaction for material is 99%. The Paving Crew allows these two testing methods to be combined and allows The Paving CrewLV to back the base and asphalt surface.

Undercutting Repair:

To repair sub-base damage, undercutting is used often to repair one area of a larger asphalt surface.

Outdated It is a traditional, expensive way to repair undercutting. You need to dig 2-3 feet down and then fill with stone or aggregate to rebuild the support structure.

The Paving Crew, LV has to only dig 18 inches below the surface to make repairs. The geo-grid serves as a bridge that supports the subbase without having to dig a large hole filled with expensive aggregate. This is a cost-saving method that will last for years and improve the structural integrity and durability of asphalt surfaces.

Asphalt Plants & Daily QT:

Asphalt plants are able to recycle asphalt pavement and sell it back to general contractors and other paving companies. Asphalt testing facilities are equipped to test asphalt paving materials. This includes the asphalt's moisture content, as well as the aggregate and sand.

Invalid: Using asphalt bought elsewhere than it was designed for. Additionally, the paving materials are not tested to ensure their quality.

New: The Paving Crew LV operates two asphalt-manufacturing plants in Oconomowoc and Sun Prairie. The Paving Crew LV can ensure high-quality asphalt mixes. The Paving Crew LV can also make custom mixes for specific climate or project needs. The Paving Crew LV provides on-site testing facilities that ensure quality throughout each stage of the process. The Paving Crew is able to guarantee the correct asphalt mix based on current data through on-site testing.

Preventive maintenance:

Asphalt pavements can last almost twice as long if they are maintained properly.

Discontinued: Laying an asphalt surface without crack filling or seal coating.

A preventive maintenance plan can be established with customers to increase asphalt pavement's life expectancy. Customers will benefit from regular maintenance if they are educated on the benefits. This education component allows The Paving Crew LV, to provide not only a quality product but also a quality experience that produces lasting results.


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