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When is the Best Time to Repair a Driveway?

Nov 30

When is the Best Time to Repair a Driveway?

By Paving Grind Chesapeake

There are signs that asphalt needs to be repaired


It's possible that your driveway looks worn out over time. It's hard to tell if your driveway is showing signs of wear and tear. We specialize in driveway repair and replacement. Let us know if we can come out to your driveway and offer advice about future steps. These are the signs that your driveway could need to be replaced.


  • Potholes


Potholes develop on driveways and other surfaces when the water below asphalt freezes. The ground expands when water freezes and contracts as the water melts. Potholes may result because of the constant temperature fluctuation. Potholes may also have a negative impact on the suspension of your car. You can patch potholes, but it will not fix the main problem. Therefore, your driveway may have to be replaced.


  • Cracks that are very large


Cracks in a driveway may be more than an eyesore. Cracks in driveways can let oil, gasoline, and salt into them. As a result, the fissures could expand or deepen. If you see cracks in your driveway it is time to schedule driveway repairs so the cracks can be sealed to stop future cracking or worsening.

Drainage problems


Water accumulating in your driveway or not draining properly is another indicator that it's past time to repair or replace it. Your driveway's asphalt could be damaged if it has water sitting or pooling in one area. This can lead to cracks and holes.


  • Fading or discoloration


Over time, your driveway will begin to fade and become darker. In addition to damaging your driveway, the sun's powerful rays can also fade it. You might be able to prevent more damage by sealing the driveway depending on its age or how badly damaged it is. If the driveway is becoming too weak, you might be better off replacing it.


  • Weather conditions

Asphalt is best mended at temperatures above 175 degrees. It won't be so easy to spread and use if it gets too hot. However, asphalt below this temperature will not form a firm bond.


The best time to have it fixed is in the spring and the summer.


Let's see why these are the best seasons for asphalt driveway repair and parking lot maintenance:


  • The Weather is perfect for repairs


As mentioned previously, asphalt repairs can be saved for when the weather is still at 175 degrees. As the asphalt can mix well, it will form a stronger connection and last longer. Sealcoating can be done when the surface temperatures are above 40 degrees. It is recommended to do this in the late spring.


  • Materials Available


Asphalt plants are usually closed or reduced in capacity during winter. This is due in part to the fact that this is not the best season to use their services or products. This means you may have a harder time finding the materials you need, and that even if it is, their prices will be higher than if they were purchased in peak season, which is spring or summer.


There are many reasons that you might need to have specialists repair or replace your driveway. We have a team of highly-trained specialists that are skilled in the repair and replacement of driveways. Our professionals will be happy to meet with you and help you determine the best path to create a long-lasting driveway.


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